update-zoneinfo is Perl script released as Free Software under the GNU GPL license. It automatically:

  1. Fetches zoneinfo definition from URL given in command line.
  2. Compiles (with zic) and installs the new zoneinfo definition.
  3. Adjusts the local timezone as specified in command line.
  4. Optionally installs itself in the crontab for daily execution, so newer zoneinfo definitions can be automatically updated.

The script activity is issued both to stderr and to syslog.

Currently supported platforms:

Support contact: Everton da Silva Marques <everton.marques@gmail.com>

Download update-zoneinfo-0.1.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.2.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.3.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.4.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.5.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.6.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.7.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.8.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.9.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.10.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.11.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.12.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.13.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.14.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.15.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.16.pl.gz
Download update-zoneinfo-0.17.pl.gz