ceosp - Catalog of Excellence for Open Source Packages

ceosp site: $Revision: 1.5 $

What is ceosp?

ceosp aims to produce a comprehensive listing of selected, best-of-breed Open Source/Free Software packages. The purpose of ceosp is to provide hints about "excellent" software for system administrators.

If a software package is not included in ceosp and you think it should be, please send the rationale to <evertonsm at yahoo dot com dot br>.

ceosp concepts

The ceosp listing

ceosp is the table below, really.

ceosp db: $Revision: 1.26 $
mswin-emulator wine wine
garbage-collector hans-boehm-gc
versatile-text-editor xemacs emacs xemacs
ssh-suite openssh openssh lsh
web-browser mozilla mozilla konqueror galeon
desktop-environment gnome gnome kde
remote-copy rsync rsync
x-server xfree86 xfree86
linux-cluster openmosix
x-window-manager ratpoison ratpoison windowmaker icewm
java-compiler jikes gcj
office-suite openoffice koffice
image-editor gimp gimp
dvd-player xine videolan ogle
security-scanner nessus nessus
firewall smoothwall smoothwall
ssl-tls-library openssl gnutls
antispam spambayes spamassassin
c-compiler gcc gcc
pop-imap-server courier courier
smtp-mta exim exim qmail postfix sendmail
pop-imap-smtp-gateway fetchmail fetchmail
msdos freedos freedos
ftp-server pureftpd proftpd
practical-text-editor vim nvi elvis
virtual-terminal-multiplexer screen screen
ids snort
mswin-ssh-client putty putty ttssh
http-server apache apache caudium tux
filesystem-integrity osiris aide samhain
dynamic-routing zebra zebra
radius-server cistron freeradius openradius gnuradius
lint splint
java-j2ee jboss jboss
ppp ppp ppp
dns-server bind bind djbdns maradns powerdns
network-performance-measurement iperf ttcp
mp3-encoder notlame notlame
secure-ftp-server pureftpd pureftpd proftpd
anonymous-file-sharing freenet freenet
event-library liboop liboop glib libevent poe
sql-rdbms postgresql postgresql mysql
ia32-emulator bochs bochs
msdos-emulator dosemu dosemu
java-library classpath classpath
java-servlet-container tomcat tomcat paperclips jserv
webmail squirrelmail squirrelmail imp twig sqwebmail camas prayer
cd-ripper cdparanoia cdparanoia
mail-outsourcing xams xams
pgp gnupg gnupg pgp
java-build-tool ant ant
ip-block-database freeipdb northstar
process-monitoring monit daemontools
versatile-ftp-server proftpd pureftpd proftpd
libc glibc glibc
network-scanner nmap nmap
antivirus clam clam oav messagewall

ceosp FAQ

Q1. Who are you to publish an authoritative listing of "excellent" software packages?

A1. I keep this table as reference for personal usage and just think that others could benefit from consulting a such "catalog".

ceosp Disclaimer


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